Who am I?

People ask me, “who are you?” all the time.  I am a small town girl who lives with big dreams.  I have loved horses since I was small & when I was 9 yrs old got my first pony “Heidi”.  She was a small paint pony who pulled cart, was a halter champion & whom I rode (and got dumped off of) all over town.  We even did parades & my mom made my “indian maiden” costume.  I had so much fun on her.

Then I graduated to a “big” horse – her name was Candy & she was 4 yrs old when I started riding her.  We did all kinds of things together like4-H  gymkana’s, trail rides, camping trips, even riding double with “boys” in my teen years.  We went swimming in a lake together, were in a drill team in Wenatchee WA & traveled all over the state.  She used to throw me up on her backover her head – this horse is one of those “once in a lifetime” horses and I cherish her memory still today.

Now after having kids & a career in an office for over 20 years I was able to get back into horses after not having my own for years.  I have a paint gelding (who is a gem) that I do most everything with and 2 mustangs that I adopted from BLM, both came from different areas in Nevada.  I have been training both of them over the last 3 yrs & my youngest is now ready for riding, the older one is rideable now, but just not safe for everyone yet.  He’ll get there though & the younger one I hope to have ready in a couple of years for grandchildren who are expected to come along.

So that is how I got into selling horse barns, returning to horses & not wanting to be in an office anymore.  I enjoy meeting horse people, my family & husband are in construction, so it just became a natural fit.  I work with realtors & thier clients who are looking to add horses to thier lives and with families just like me, who may have not had horses for awhile & are just now returning to them.

I take pride in providing you “the client” with YOUR DREAM BARN!  Not mine, no matter what the cost.  If you only need 2 stalls then that’s what you will get, if you want 20 stalls, then we can do that too.  It’s not about me, it’s ALL ABOUT YOU!

My ultimate goal is to have you happy, make some money in the process & create a lasting friendship so that we can go trail riding together if that’s your vocation.  I take each and every project seriously- as if I were building my own barn. 

What I found and why I started consulting as my business is that I learned from clients that what they appreciated most is my hands on approach from the initial conversation to completion of thier project. 

I help to relieve you of TIME, FRUSTRATION and those Numerous phone calls to different companies for quotes, follow-up & eventually the contract, delivery & installation.  I am able to put together the complete package from the company you purchase the barn from to the contractors that will help with all other aspects prior to and during the installation.  

Most horse owners work in some respect to afford this passion we all have, so to add this additional concern to your day is what I help to make easy for you.  I enjoy what I do and service is my priority.

So think of me to help you with your project.  You can email me at teresa@californiahorsebarns.com or call me at 661-269-1375 and let’s start with a FREE 30 min consultation to see what help you might be interest in pursuing.

HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY WITH YOUR HORSES!!!   I truly mean that because I’m on my way to visit with my boys right now.


One Response to Who am I?

  1. Great website – let me know if you’d like a free copy of Riding and our Calif. Horseman’s Directory!!

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