Barn Safety 101

No matter what type of equine facility you have for your four legged friends, safety in your barn can be a big concern!  

With corrals and shade covers you want to make sure that all clamps are secure and that you have secured the structure with concrete anchors and other support posts.

 Pasture fencing should be inspected monthly to be sure there are no breaks in the fencing and that all posts have remained secure.  Gates are another common problem with safety especially with equines!  They may reach for grasses (with the coming spring & recent rains) and get their heads stuck between the gate & fence post.  Be sure that ALL gates are secured properly and there is no danger for your horses.  If you have chain link without a top rail, be sure that your horse has not pushed the fencing down which then would be their means for escape and a runaway horse.

 Here are some things you can do to help insure safety for not only you but your equine.

 a)      Make sure all hoses, rakes, muck forks and other items used daily in your barn are properly stored.

b)     Have a Human and Equine First aid kit in your barn and visible to all those who enter your barn

c)      Have at least ONE Fire Extinguisher in your barn.  Check it annually to make sure it is still in working order.  If you have a barn that is more than 3-4 stalls, then have 2 Fire Extinguishers accessible at all times.

d)     Do an annual inspection on your electrical wiring.   Rodents just love to eat the insulation.

These are just a few of the items that will help you and your equine to live safely together in harmony.

For more fun – come see me at Equine Affaire, Pomona, CA Feb 4th and Feb. 5th (Sat.).  I am speaking Sat. FEb 5th at 12noon and 4pm on the Seminar Stage Bldg 5.  Topic #1 is Barn Safety: Keeping you and your horses safe and preventing barn fires;  Topic #2 is Barn Maintenance and how to keep your barn for a lifetime.

See you at Equine Affaire, Pomona CA

Author:  Teresa Spencer,  California Horse Barns,   877-600-1375    ,

Proud member of ETI – corral 138 and Equestrian Professionals, Speaker at the 2011 Equine Affaire, Pomona, CA, AQHA


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