Pest Free Barn

Now is the time to set you barn up to be Pest and Rodent free come springtime.

As we all know Rodents (mice, rats and squirrels) do all kinds of damage around our barns.  Not to mention the diseases they bring with them and the consumption of feed.

Did you know that 100 Rats or mice can consume up to a ton of hay a year.  Now I don’t know about you but losing a ton of hay to rodents is not my idea of being efficient in my horse keeping.  Not to mention what happens to grain, pellets, cubes and supplements.

Here are a few tips on getting your barn ready so that you will have less rodents or eliminate them all together (let’s hope so).

  • Cats – yes, have barn cats.  They will help with the rodent population
  • Keep all grains, pellets, cubes and supplements in tightly sealed containers,  Preferably metal
  • Trim weeds, trees and grasses from around the outside of your barn
  • Remove any visible nests or nesting areas for rodents
  • Seal your feed room if possible with wire mesh, insulation (foam or otherwise)
  • Seal around your base channels with Silicone caulk
  • Hire a professional exterminating company to set traps, NOT POISONS, or use other alternative methods to remove the critters.
  • Remove trash daily and clean up any spilled feed
  • Repair or replace any window screens with a metal screen material
  • Repair any holes in walls, roofs, doors etc.

 With the absence of rodents in the winter it’s easy to make a “honey do” list and work through it slowly.  Because when the weather warms up it’s much easier to go riding then to complete your chores and by then you may not even know that rodents have already started to invade your barn.

Keeping rodents away from your barn is almost impossible, but with a little work the populations can be reduced thus making your barn a much healthier and happier place for you and your horses.

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Here’s to ridding your barn of unwanted guests this spring!


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