Barn damages

I’ve been busy working on a book and you guessed it about barns. 

If  you have Salt blocks hanging on the wall I’d bet you have this same type of damage.  I ask, “What makes you think this is ok?”  Salt and metal do not mix!  In the winter, when roads are salted for ice & snow, what type of damage happens to your car?  Well then why wouldn’t the damage be the same to your metal barn I’d have to ask.  The best way to provide salt is to have it in the feed bin, not hanging on the wall.  The rust that occures and the damage to your wall is unrepairable.  Ok, so you could paint this section or have the entire wall replaced, but if you can prevent this type of damage from ever happening, then do so.  If you already have damage, then remove the salt immediately, paint or cover the area with another skin of metal to help reduce further damage & compromising your barn.

This is only one of the ways your barn can be damaged. 

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