Blog Action Day – Water?

How does water affect your Modular Barn?  What type of waters do you have for your horses?  If you have buckets and they are on the outside of your barn stalls, then the only concern I would look at is freezing issues or over splash when you fill your water daily.  How does this effect conservation?  Well with evaporation you will use more water that those who have automatic waters.  That is a given because the larger surface area the more evaporation you will have.  With automatic waters there is such a small bowl that evaporation could be counted as almost nil.

But the question I have is this “Where are your automatic waters mounted in your barn?”  Are they on the inside of your stall walls?  If so, then you need to be very vigilant about overflow, leaks and breaks in your water lines.  Why you might ask?  Because water corrodes metal!  If you have overflow all the time then that leakage will corrode the metal walls, seep into the cracks in the base channels and eventually get the wood that is laminated between the metal moist.  This is not a good combination; your wall will begin to deteriorate.  The more water the quicker this is going to happen.  You might ask what do you do if this happens, well there are only 2 answers either you go to the expense of replacing the entire wall 12’,16’,24’ whatever the size at a cost which can be as low at $600 for 12’, but who wants to have to do that plus labor to have it installed?  Not me!  Option #2 – you can skirt the wall with a new piece of steel, riveted to the wall and sealed.  This is a lot cheaper and still is safe for your horse, but you still have labor costs involved. 

Each person has different thoughts about automatic waters, buckets and/or tanks.  I don’t care what kind of waterer you have for your horses, however I will ask you to conserve, provide good clean water to your animals and watch your barn.

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